A professional music studio that you can hire for tracking, recording, mixing, mastering and all types of studio work, catering to any genre. A dedicated engineer of 20+ years of experience and mastering grade equipment available upon request. Please see the list of equipment below. 

Delises Studios is in the heart of a warm home located in the lovely Twickenham (TW2) area, where you can crank up the speakers to your liking. The studio space is the perfect solution to your audio needs, whether it’s just recording for a single demo, tracking for an EP or a complete project of an album,  bespoke work for film or commercial music. 

Every project needs unique solutions. Drop us a message, or better call us for a quote that will be tailored to your project’s specific needs. Delises London also has a record label department that accepts demos via submission to the “Contact” section of our website.


LYNX Aurora 16 AD/DA converter


Neve 1073 DPA preamp

Universal Audio 4-710d preamp


Neumann U87 condenser mic

AKG C214 condenser mic

Shure SM87B 

Shure SM57


UAD apollo twin

UAD-2 satellite


Moog Little Phatty - mono synth


SE Munro Egg speakers

Genelec 8040

Avantone mixcubes


SPL MTC 2381 Monitor controller


various Fender and Yamaha Acoustic, Bass and Electric guitars

Gretsch Ukulele

Rocktron Banshee Talk-box


various percussion instruments

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